“This baby is sucking the life from me” jokes pregnant Chrissy Teigen

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Not only is the baby Chrissy Teigen is carrying making himself right at home, the model, author, TV host and mum-of-one has decided she’s already NOT into his future girlfriend. It’s fair to say she’s planning ahead.

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I love her love of all creatures

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“Taking my health, making me sick”

Chrissy and nearly two-year-old daughter Luna – seen above making friends with a bearded dragon – revealed another baby was on the way back in November. She and husband John Legend then confirmed what we already guessed, that baby number two was a boy. Now, Chrissy’s getting down to the bare bones of it all, admitting that not only is this baby boy making his presence felt, but that she’s already honing her “disapproving mum” skills and preparing to give her son’s future girlfriend the cold shoulder.

“This baby is sucking the life from me. Drinking my water, making me dry. Eating my food, making me hungry. Taking my health, making me sick. Why do we create these monsters they want us dead?” she posted on Twitter, prompting other mums to share their baby-growing struggles – and query whether Chrissy was carrying a tiny vampire.

Girlfriend? Nope

“I’m so excited because [Luna] is such a daddy’s girl,” Chrissy told The Today Show. “They say that boys just love their mamas. I’m already thinking about how much I’m not going to like his girlfriend. I can’t believe it, it’s crazy!”

Of course, she’s just being funny and is definitely not the sort of person to get in the way of young, true love. It’s simply concrete proof that Chrissy is spending a lot of time pondering this new addition – and is hoping that a second child might offer her a bit more of a look in, as daughter Luna only has eyes for her dad!

“Guess how far along I am!”

Chrissy also appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week to talk about her work on Lip Sync Battle. She dared Jimmy to guess how far along the pregnancy was and when he reluctantly guessed “five months” she confirmed he was … correct!

This should mean her baby is due some time in late May or early June. Chrissy says people are assuming she’s way further along than she is and frankly it’s a leeeetle bit insulting. She puts her bump size down to “second baby” syndrome and wants people to know she’s just a tick over halfway now and to stop with their “any day now!” stuff!

“How is first baby? Does first baby understand?” Jimmy asks, switching gears to focus on Luna.

“She is so good, she’ll be two in April. She is so funny. She’s talking up a storm. Loves Dad. You know girls and their dads,” Chrissy laughs.

“And she is excited to have a big sister?”

“She has no clue!” Chrissy confirms.

“She loves daddy?”

“She is so tied to him,” she explains. “That’s her everything. I’ve got my little boy coming, so we’re going to team up against them, I think!”

Sounds like a very solid plan to us! 

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sour patch takes new york!

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