11 things all women pregnant in winter know to be true

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Let’s not sugar coat it, mums-to-be; being pregnant in winter comes with its share of challenges. Sure, there are plenty of pluses but then there are a few things that simply cannot be classified as pleasant.

So, to all pregnant mummas out there who are counting down the weeks before bub arrives while watching the temperature drop, let’s dabble for a moment in the truths we all know.

1. Morning sickness and cold tiles do not mix

Morning sickness isn’t pleasant at the best of times. But when you’re lying on the cold tiled floor in the bathroom in the middle of a winter’s day, it’s even worse.

2. Neither do late night pees

A cold toilet seat is no one’s friend. It’s about time bathrooms come with thermostats – we spend half our days (and nights) in there anyway.

3. Even with 15 layers of clothing, people still feel the urge to touch your belly

Everyone wants a piece of your clothes baby.

4. Late night cravings hit even harder

And getting up to drive to the shops requires you to warm up the car for 15 minutes before getting in.

 Pregnant woman reclining eating an iced donut

5. As soon as you are fully dressed for the day, your bladder decides it’s time to go

Taking off five layers of clothes just to wee is never fun.

6. Winter flus are the absolute worst


Especially as you can’t even take any of the good medication!

7. When buying winter boots, buy three sizes larger than usual

Consider it Murphy’s Law of Cankles.

8. Pregnancy glow doesn’t happen when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks

When your skin is as white as Casper but you’re as large as the Michelin Man … welcome to a winter pregnancy!

9. Bears are quite possibly the smartest of them all

Why? Because they hibernate. And when you’re pregnant and freezing your oversized buttocks off, hibernation sounds like a pretty good idea.

10. Tasteful half-nude pregnancy photo shoots in winter never end well

It’s hard to capture that serene white-sheet-draped-over-your-belly look when you are too busy shivering and covered in goosebumps.

11. And, most importantly, just because the days are shorter, the time doesn’t seem to go any faster

The sun may go down earlier but the wait for bub to arrive can seem just as long. So snuggle up on the lounge with a cuppa and a good book and enjoy the cold days and warm blankets surrounding your belly.


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