These are what real baby bumps look like

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From bumps that look like last night’s dinner to bumps that look like you’re about to pop, pregnancy bellies come in all shapes and sizes. We called for your baby bump pictures as proof that every woman is different and boy, did you answer. So come with us as we celebrate the unique shapes and sizes mums-to-be come in when pregnant.

This positive show of bump force is the perfect way for mums to stand together and show the world our changing body shapes are to be admired and congratulated, not critiqued. Basically, unless you are our doctors, think twice before you comment.

The call  to show us your bumps came in response to the shaming of Gold Coast fitness fanatic and midwife Hannah Polites, who was met with a barrage of abusive comments when she posted a photo of her blossoming baby bump to Instagram.

Close to 500 hundred of our amazing Babyology readers not only sent a photo of their pregnant bellies, but also shared with us the incredible things complete strangers have said. From barely-there bumps to well-past-due-date bumps, we have them all. Did yours make the list?

Angie Sayer, 15 weeks

“They said I was big.”

Angie sayer

Danni Neal, 17 weeks

“OH MY GOD! Only 17 weeks?! You’re huge!! My bump was that size when I was 30 weeks pregnant!”

Danii Neal

Ashley Brunow, 20 weeks

“Omg, you’re so big and you’ve still got so long to go. Let’s hope you don’t get much bigger.”

Ashley Brunow

Brooke Walker, 25 weeks

“I always get told how small or tiny I am, and constantly get asked ‘Where is your bump?!’ And ‘I hate people like you’.”

Brooke Walker

Natalie Rawle, 28 weeks

You’re so tiny for twins!! You really shouldn’t be exercising too much”

Natalie rawle

Rachel Steadman, 28 weeks

“You’re giant. If you’re this big now, you’re going to be enormous!”

Rachel Steadman

Pakou Chang, 28 weeks

“Some say I’m too big and some say I’m too small. You can never win lol.”

Pakou Chang

Hayley Larkin, 28 weeks

“Everyone said I was huge, I didn’t feel huge this time round. Baby was 8 pound 1 oz, 10 days late.”

Hayley Larkin

Claire Earle, 29 weeks

“People always say how small my bump is. Most of the time it’s in a positive way as they expect me to be huge knowing that I’m carrying twins. I know both babies are extremely healthy and right on size for their age so everyone else can say what they like.”

Claire Earle

Pen Staniforth, 30 weeks

“The worst was when people compared my belly to other people pregnant at the time… saying wow look at your belly when they saw me and then oh such and such is only four weeks behind you and their stomach is still flat.”

Pen Staniforth

Andria Campbell, 31 weeks

“That I looked like I’d pop any day. I’d never make it to my due date.”

Andria Campbell

Daniela Kirchgasser, 33 weeks

“I always either got `oh your bumps so small, you’re going to have a small baby’ or, from the people who knew me, ‘that baby is too big for your body to carry’.”

Daniela Kirchgasser

Kayla Soffe, 34 weeks

“That I’m huge.”

Kayla Soffe

Katherine Navarro, 34 weeks

“Are you having twins?”

Katherine Navarro

Rachel Kelleher, 35 weeks

“Everyone says I’m tiny! But I’d gained 15kgs at this point. We all carry differently.”

Racel Kelleher

Kathy Widjaja, 35 weeks

“People always assumed that I was going to be having a tiny baby and that I was ‘over-exercising’ the baby… and she ended up being a healthy 3.5 kg at 39 weeks.

Kathy Widjaja

Karla Roy, 36 weeks

“That I was huge. This was my 3rd baby and he was 9 lbs 9.5 oz. Perfectly healthy little boy.”

Karla Roy

Rebekah Martin, 36 weeks

“I was huge, i would have my baby early… she was 9 days late”

Rebekah Martin

Tamara Urquhart, 38 weeks

“Lots of comparisons to my last pregnancy: you’re bigger/smaller this time. You’re low, out in front. Everyone has an opinion on the bump.”

Tamara Urquhart

Imogen Walker, 38 weeks

“Are you sure the there’s just ONE in there?”

Imogen Walker

Erika Naylor, 38 weeks

“That I showed super early, asked if I was carrying twins, couldn’t believe I wasn’t further along than I actually was the whole pregnancy.”

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Vanessa Ward, 38 weeks

“My entire pregnancy has been filled with comments about being too small. Although it’s not always harsh criticism, it does make me sometimes feel I am doing something wrong as a mother. No woman should feel that way because of how her body differs from another!

Vanessa Ward

Bek Dimmack, 41 weeks

“Wow, you are big.”

Bek Dimmack

Madalyn Carroll, 41 weeks

“People called me huge! Said they couldn’t believe how big I was, that I’m too big.”

Madalyn carroll

Ally Grace, 41 weeks

“That baby will come out walking. You are actually huge. You are definitely going to have a huge kid. I can’t believe the size of you. You know that giant child is going to hurt you so much! In the beginning I tried to explain that my hubby is 6ft 5 and I’m 5ft 10. In the end I just gave a very loud sigh and kept going on with my day.”

Ally Grace

All of us at Babyology have only more comment for everyone sporting a baby bump: well done for growing little humans, you rockstar mammas.

And a big thank you to all of our readers for taking part. Look out for the second edition coming soon with more baby bump glory.

We are always excited when our readers help us out, check out these hilarious contributions when we asked you to Show Us Your Selfie.


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