Pregnant?! Fans think this photo means there’s a baby Wiggle on the way

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Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins posted a cryptic update to Instagram a few hours ago, and some fans have already started knitting booties and pondering baby Wiggle names. #TooSoon?

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????? #staytuned

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Stay tuned!

The shot shows Emma and her husband of a year and a bit, purple Wiggle Lachy, sitting on a patch of grass, surrounded by Autumn leaves.

Emma captioned the pic with even more leaves, a random yellow bloom and the hashtag “#staytuned”. Many, many fans of The Wiggles immediately went into meltdown, posting pregnancy predictions and baby congratulations to the cute pair. 

“Think there’s an autumn baby Wiggle on the way,” one commenter trilled excitedly.

“Could it be a bubba Wiggle on the way?!” a Wiggles fan asked.

“Love you both! Are we talking about a new baby Wiggle soon?!?!” another posted.

Wait, what?

Others were not convinced (and even a little incensed!)

“I don’t believe the gossip, we only saw them a couple of weeks ago and she was TINY!” one woman wrote.

“She wouldn’t be able to do a massive tour if she was pregnant,” another pointed out (perhaps incorrectly, we feel).

“How did any of you get ‘We’re having a baby’ from this picture?? #craycray,” another posted. 

Let’s face it, she’s right. They may be expecting a baby and dropping a rather whopping hint… or maybe Autumn will bring a brand new puppy for this adorable pair. Or they could be referring to an Autumn touring event? Or a new iPhone, even? You never know!

There’s a whole bunch of things this update could refer to. Let’s not jump to any wild conclusions, just yet (*casts on first bootie* *clicks knitting needles* *Googles “0000 skivvy”*)


“A very good father”

What we do know is that Emma’s proven herself a total social media gun overnight, garnering attention and engagement on Instagram with one unexpected little hashtag and emoji sprinkling. #CleverCookie

It’s also worth noting that the possibility of parenthood has been top-of-mind recently for the first ever female Wiggle. Not that this proves anything, but still…

Emma chatted to The Sydney Morning Herald a few weeks ago about her marriage and beloved beau, revealing she’s convinced her purple hubby will make “a very good father”Yep. He also does the vacuuming, for what it’s worth.

“It’s an instant love with Lachy, because all my friends liked him, too. They agree he’s a modern-day prince: tall with dark hair and very sweet. There’s nothing not to like about him and he’ll make a very good father. He also loves cooking and cleaning. He’s obsessed with vacuuming; it’s just who he is. I think I’m in for a pretty good haul when we have children.”

Fan faves

While this update may mean something pitter-patter-little-feet-wise, it also may not.

It’s very clear that Wiggles fans love this attractive and wholesome couple A LOT – and wish them health and happiness together (with perhaps the odd baby thrown in for good measure!)

We’re looking forward to finding out what Emma and Lachy are trying to tell us. Soon. Very soon. Like really soon. Guys…. What did you mean?! Is it a puppy?!

You can tell us… Guys?


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