8 pregnancy firsts that will make you cry happy tears

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Pregnancy is an emotional time for all mums, regardless of whether this is your first baby or your fourth. Part of the reason is because your body is on work overload and your hormones are all over the place.

The more likely reason you keep crying during this amazing period in your life is because pregnancy is filled with delightful moments where words simply fail. The only way to truly express the incredible feelings that overcome you is by shedding a tear.

How many of these pregnancy firsts had you in tears?

Couple with positive pregnancy test

1. The first time you get a pink line on your pregnancy test

It’s incredible to think that a piece of plastic and a dash of urine can make you cry, but it does. The feelings that come over you when you see that positive result are overwhelming – happiness, fear, excitement, nervousness.

Whether you’ve planned the pregnancy or not, the moment you are greeted with a surprise double line is a moment that you are not likely to forget anytime soon. It is the first of many beautiful memories that you and your partner are about to share.

2. The first ultrasound

There is no sound like it – the simple beat of your baby’s heart. The relief, pride and joy that falls over you when you first see that baby’s heartbeat projected on a screen is overwhelming. Don’t worry – most obstetricians will have tissues on hand.

Seeing your baby on screen is worth every second of exhaustion, morning sickness and soreness that usually plagues the first trimester. And, if you happen to require ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy, watching your little one take shape as he grows is equally as amazing.

3. The first time you tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents

Prepare for the waterworks to flow when you share your big news with your extended family, especially your parents. The announcement that their own baby is expecting a baby is bittersweet, beautiful and by far one of the best gifts of all.

4. The first time you purchase a teeny tiny outfit

I still have the first outfit we purchased for our firstborn. And I still remember the shop cashier, a 20-something male looking at me like I had lost the plot when I burst into tears at the checkout.

Yes, the outfit was incredibly expensive, not even slightly practical and my son only wore it once before outgrowing it, but it remains in his closet and it always puts a smile on my face whenever I see it hanging next to his school uniforms.

Pregnant women in overalls - feature

5. The first time you catch a glimpse of yourself and see a real baby bump

When your bump starts to resemble a baby bump, not just a big dinner, you may find yourself tearing up. Yes, your body is changing and your favourite pants may no longer fit, but those tears should be happy ones – just think about what you are creating inside you.

6. The first time you feel the baby kick

Until you actually feel those little flutters in your belly, your pregnancy may not seem real. But once the flutters start, then the movements, then the kicks and then the punches, you know that there is really someone in there, happily growing and waiting patiently to meet the person who has kept him warm all of these months.

7. The first time your partner (and siblings) feel the baby kick

Prepare for double the tears when your partner gets to feel those baby kicks. Other moments that may bring on the waterworks are the first time your older children feel their baby brother or sister inside you. This is such a beautiful moment for any growing family.

8. The first sign of impending labour

You may be crying due to pain or fear. You may be crying tears of happiness that your pregnancy is over or you may be shedding tears of sadness that this part of your journey through motherhood is ending.

While your pregnancy journey is about to end, this ‘first’ is only the beginning. You are about to experience the most amazing things in the entire world – the first time you hear your baby cry, the first time you see your newborn and the first time you get to cuddle the person who has been a part of you for these nine months.

Pregnancy is only the start of the most incredible journey you will ever take. There are countless more firsts to come mums and dads – first smiles, first laughs, first words, first steps, the first day of school … so much to enjoy!

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