Ninja moves: How Carrie Bickmore hid her pregnancy from keen-eyed fans

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If you missed the news that Carrie Bickmore is pregnant, you also missed an ultra-cute whole-family reveal! Now chatter has turned to just how Carrie managed to keep mum over her impending mum-of-three status …

Mum’s the word

This ace mum opened up about her and partner Chris Walker’s big news last night on The Project, and her co-panellists asked all the questions that Carrie’s fans wanted answered.

“I want to know: [Your bump is] obvious today, but it hasn’t been obvious before, so what have you been doing?’ journalist Hamish Macdonald quizzed.

“Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been slowly lowering my chair and sitting like this,” she responded adjusting her chair so her bump was out of view. “It was getting to the point where I was just going to be like ‘Hi!’ she laughed, lowering herself so just her head was peering above the desk.

“Every night this week [the producers] have been saying ‘Hamish, can you put your chair down a bit?”’ Hamish laughed, the plot clearly thickening. 

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Sucking it in

Stealthy wardrobe choices have helped keep things under wraps too. “I’ve been wearing lots of jackets and jumpers!” she told Tommy and Carrie radio show listeners.

Some canny posture, with arms folded and pulled inward, have also helped draw viewers’ eyes away from her bump.

Comments have been consistently turned off on Carrie’s recent outfit posts, leading up to her pregnancy announcement, perhaps keen to prevent any idle chatter about the possible smidge of a bump that can be seen. #Hindsight!

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Pop! Goes the bump

“Since you’ve announced it though, [your bump] has gone pop!” co-panellist Peter Hellier observed.

“My stomach muscles have been like ‘ah! Finally!’ I’ve been sucking in!’ Carrie laughed, explaining that she thought the chronic morning sickness she’d been suffering might expose her baby secret to colleagues.

“It’s nice to feel better … I’ve been sick as a dog! I’m surprised you haven’t noticed me dry-retching next to you!”

“I was feeling so sick I said to my obstetrician, ‘There is definitely another one in there. You have to find it! I feel so sick.'” Carrie told her The Project co-panellists.

24 hour a day sickness

Earlier in the day, she admitted that week was the first time she’d felt  like herself.

“Until this week, I felt so sick – 24 hours a day, like I mean so sick,” she told her friend and co-host Tommy Little.

“I didn’t even think I had the energy to work out … to even get my head around what was happening [Being] hungry made me feel sick, eating has made me feel sick, being awake has made me feel sick, sleeping has made me feel sick, coffee has made me feel sick, everything has made me feel sick.”

“I’m feeling 50 per cent better, which weirdly feels like completely better.”

A surprise

It’s not clear how far along Carrie’s pregnancy is, but she and Chris have decided not to find out if they’re having a son or a daughter.

“I found out with Ollie, found out with Evie, and I’m thinking maybe I just let it go for this one, let it be a surprise,” Carrie told Tommy.

Carrie and Chris are already parents to ten-year-old son Ollie – Carrie’s son with her late husband Greg Lange – and three-year-old Evie. We expect to see their little brother or sister before the year is out.


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