Duchess Meghan accused of faking her pregnancy – and honestly? Leave her alone!

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While Duchess Meghan has gone from Hollywood privilege to royal privilege in the name of love, it really does come at a price.

The trolling of Meghan

While lots of us admire and support Meghan – who is expecting her first child with husband Prince Harry – others have waged a cruel campaign against her.

Hello magazine reports that the Palace have turned to Instagram for support as they attempt to deal with the onslaught of negative comments aimed at Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan.

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Today The Duchess of Sussex made her first visit to @TheMayhew since becoming Patron – Mayhew is a grassroots charity working in a unique way to improve the lives of animals and people to better communities both in London and internationally. Mayhew looks for innovative ways to reduce the number of animals in need through pro-active community and educational initiatives and preventative veterinary care. Among the people she met was Wully, a formerly homeless pet refuge service user, and his two dogs Azzy and Gallis – The Duchess found out about the different ways Mayhew’s animal welfare officers have supported Wully and his pets over the past 11 years. Her Royal Highness also met Roobarb the dog, who is part of Mayhew’s dog therapy programme TheraPaws, which puts smiles on the faces of vulnerable individuals. The Duchess met volunteers who dedicate their time to Mayhew community programmes, including the trap, neuter and return programme, which controls and cares for the feral cat communities in London. And Her Royal Highness was also able to meet the team behind Mayhew’s international work, which includes an overseas vet training programme in countries like India and Afghanistan to help improve animal welfare.

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Pregnant Meg has been a particular target for trolls on the platform via the royal Instagram accounts. She’s been criticised for all manner of things – from her body shape to her hair texture to her wardrobe choices and behaviour.

Now, after consistently coming under fire for cradling her bump too much, deluded conspiracy theorists have decided she’s not pregnant at all. Sigh.

Twitter and Instagram are now awash with ‘proof’ that former actor Meghan’s not pregnant at all and is playing her greatest role yet while wearing a prosthetic belly. These people have even coined the hashtag MEGXIT to further amplify their theories and allege that Meghan is wearing a Moon Bump.

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Casting successful women as villains

These allegations are actually only proof that you can’t underestimate the unkindness of some people.

It’s hard to know why people make these allegations, but a general mistrust of all that is wholesome and good is certainly a part of it. Perhaps there’s some jealousy involved? And some trollish sadism thrown in for good measure? Or maybe it’s simply a brilliant way to garner attention in the crowded space that is social media. Sigh.

This sort of idle chatter is yet another way to diminish and dehumanise women, with the implication that they are too lazy, neurotic, physically unsuitable or vain to carry their own babies. These rumours cast women as either conniving or non-maternal, suggesting they are already putting their child’s needs last and that protecting their bodies from pregnancy and childbirth is their priority.

It’s all pretty mean, presumptuous, misogynist … and also simply untrue. 

Make it stop

Meghan’s not the first high profile woman who’s been (falsely) accused of faking a pregnancy – with the allegations asserting that these mums used surrogates to become parents but pretended to carry their own children.

For instance, there’s a whole ridiculous theory that states Beyoncé pretended to be pregnant with Blue Ivy, with people pointing to a video TMZ shared of her ‘suspect’ belly as proof. Again it’s utter piffle. 

Katie Holmes was falsely accused of faking it during her pregnancy with Suri, the daughter she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has been the focus of similar nasty and false rumours, with some nutters asserting she faked her pregnancy with Charlotte, mostly because she looked so chipper after the birth.

Jennifer Lopez was also the target of one of these ‘fake pregnancy’ theories during her pregnancy with her twins. Again it was simply untrue.

Even our own Nicole Kidman has been plagued by this sort of malicious chatter, with allegations that her first pregnancy was a charade. Sigh.

It’s hard to know how to stop this sort of distressing discussion, but calling it out for what it is – misogyny – is a good start.


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