Chrissy Teigen just shared her favourite stretch mark treatment

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TV presenter and model Chrissy Teigen has made no secret of her love of stretch marks, but that doesn’t stop her from at least trying to maintain the stretchy status quo – and slow their stripe-y march forth.

“My thighs just got really angry one year”

Chrissy just shared the product she credits with keeping stretch marks at bay and blooming bellied mums across the globe are all ears. 

Chrissy is already mum to one little girl, two-year-old Luna, and she and husband John Legend are expecting a second child (a baby boy) next month. It’s fair to say that she’s up against it when it comes to shifts and changes in her body, and she told Refinery 29 products from beauty company Lumière have helped keep her skin in the best condition possible.

“I’m from a real stretch mark-prone family. I had stretch marks way before the baby. Mine went to my inner thighs for some reason — my thighs just got really angry one year.”

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“John helps me a lot”

When it comes to those silvery squiggles, the Lip Sync Battle star says it’s best to think ahead – and enlist some buddies.

“With stretch marks, it’s all about prevention,” Chrissy advised, explaining that it takes a squad to achieve her moisturising goals. “I’m big now, so it’s hard for me to bend over. John helps me a lot with everything at the end of the night. Luna loves helping out.”

“But tell me more about those Lumière products!” you might be urging impatiently.

“I use their concentrate on my belly,” Chrissy says, “especially around the sides because you never know where stretch marks are going to pop up. The only place I don’t have stretch marks on my body is my belly. The other places that have them are from regular wear and tear of my body.”

“Our common bond”

Chrissy knows stretch marks are just part of having a body and thinks we should make friends with the skin we’re in, because it unites us in more ways than one!

“I’ve worked with every supermodel in the world. I’m lucky to know that the most incredibly beautiful women all have stretch marks and all have the butt dimples. It really is our common bond.”

“I do not post stretchies for the praise,” she tweeted back in 2017. “I post it because the wine also I like the pattern and they’re so soft.”



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