Carrie Bickmore’s hormonal meltdown is all of us on a rough day

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The Project anchor Carrie Bickmore is about to head off on maternity leave, and it seems she could not have picked a better time, due to … all the familiar fragile feels!

Peak Panda achieved

Posting an image of herself on Instagram, Carrie explained that her usual sensitive nature has been next-levelled – with a bit of help from pregnancy hormones and a brilliantly written book.

“This was me after finishing the final chapter of the book I’m reading,” Carrie posted under a photo of herself which can only be described as Peak Panda. “It was so bloody sad!”

The shot shows mascara rolling down her cheeks and it’s clear that the whole stiff upper lip thing has totally passed her and her snotty nose by.

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??This was me after finishing the final chapter of the book I’m reading. It was so bloody sad! Scared the hell out of my family-they thought something bad had happened!!! Just me being a hormonal mess! ???? and yes that is snot dripping out of my nose ?since you are all asking…the book was called The Mother’s Group! (Don’t want to give away the ending)

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“Just me being a hormonal mess”

The soon to be mum-of-three noted that this look may upset some viewers (including her partner Chris, and kids Ollie and Evie.)

“Scared the hell out of my family – they thought something bad had happened!!!” she posted. “Just me being a hormonal mess! And yes that is snot dripping out of my nose, since you are all asking.”

Which book has elicited such a passionate and soggy response, you might be wondering?

“The book was called The Mothers’ Group! (Don’t want to give away the ending),” Carrie clarified. It’s by Fiona Higgins if you want to chase it up and have a bit of an uncontrollable sob like Carrie.

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All of the tears

Carrie’s followers were totally here for this show of vulnerability, and suggested a tidy up with Micellar Water might be on the cards – over and over again. (Carrie’s ambassador for the product’s manufacturer.)

“You’re going to need to invest in waterproof mascara if you’re going to keep this reading business up,” one fan suggested.

“No way am I going near [the book]. I almost cried talking to the Greenpeace dude outside Woolies this afternoon,” another very hormonal person said.

“This was the way I looked after I thought the jumper with pockets I wanted to wear wouldn’t fit over my bump anymore … but it actually did fit when I tried it on after my irrational breakdown… yay to hormones!” someone else revealed.

Yay to hormones indeed!


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