Carrie’s 3-year-old now knows how babies are made but it was QUITE the ride

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Carrie Bickmore’s been facing a curly conversation with her three-year-old daughter Evie, with the preschooler very keen to know how exactly how her future sibling ended up in her mum’s tummy.

But HOW, Mummy?

Carrie and partner Chris Walker are expecting their second child together in a couple of months, a sibling for Evie and ten-year-old Olly. Young Evie would like more info on how this came to be, plz.

Chatting about this relatable dilemma on her radio show, Carrie recapped a little noting that before she headed off on her recent jaunt to Las Vegas with cohost Tommy Little, she’d asked listeners how best to explain to her three-year-old how the baby got in her tummy.

“It’s all she asks me, over and over again, and if I don’t give her the answer and I say ‘go ask Daddy’ she asks daddy and he says ‘go ask mummy’ and so it goes on,” Carrie explained.


For whatever reason, the actual mechanics of baby making seemed a little bit TMI for Evie, as far as Carrie was concerned.

“I so didn’t want to answer how it got in my tummy the other day, that I explained quite graphically how it got out,” she chortled. “Graphically I explained how it got out, but I wasn’t willing to explain how it got in.”

“What did you say about how it comes out?” a worried Tommy quizzed.

“I said it comes out my hole,” Carrie said firmly. “And she said ‘do I have a hole?’ And I said ‘YES’. She said I have a big one. I said ‘sure’.  I explained how it stretches … I was naked at the time. She was looking at me and she was trying to work out how it came out and the size of the hole.”

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This seemed to distract Evie from her initial query, and the matter was put aside until …

“I face timed her while I was away and she said ‘Mummy, mummy! I know how the baby got in there!’ ” Carrie went on. Then “Chris piped up in the background – ‘Oh, I dealt with it!’ ”

“I said ‘what did you say?’ ” Carrie recalls.

Chris said “I just told her straight. I said it involves using mummy’s ‘ehhhmm’ and daddy’s ‘ehhhmm’. Those two things together make a baby.”

“He said the proper word for it, because we do that in our house, we use proper terms.”

“Why don’t you use her bottom?”

Things then took a surprising turn, but Chris handled the plot twist with admirable grace.

“She then said ‘why don’t you use her bottom?’ and he informed her that in this scenario, it wasn’t very helpful.” #LOL

Carrie says the case of the mystery baby bump is now closed, and Evie seems happy as a lark about the whole thing.

“It’s resolved. I don’t have to deal with it. It’s dealt with. And she knows all about everything.”

We’re sure you’ll agree that was QUITE the entertaining and informative ride. Merci, Evie!


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