Carrie Bickmore says her mum’s stillbirth experience impacted her own pregnancy

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The Project anchor Carrie Bickmore has headed off on maternity leave ahead of the birth of her third child and she’s celebrating with a profile in Stellar magazine detailing more of her pregnancy journey (and featuring some cute shots of her ready-to-pop baby belly!)

Content warning: This post discusses miscarriage and stillbirth.

“I don’t take anything for granted”

In the Stellar piece, Carrie revealed that she is acutely aware of the possibility of pregnancy or birth complications, with her own and her mother’s terrible experiences informing her attitude.

“Bickmore was just eight when her mother Jennie suffered a stillbirth. And the now 37-year-old feels the loss of that sibling even more acutely since becoming a mother herself,” the Daily Telegraph reports.

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She's already juggling a successful career with two children. Now, @bickmorecarrie is the first to admit she's daunted by the prospect of baby number three. Click the link in bio to read her full interview. Photography: @damianbennettphoto Styling: @kellyahume Interview: Hair: @bradmullinshair Make-Up: @carliechristie Carrie wears: @gucci blouse,@viktoriaandwoods pants

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“Because of that, I have always been very aware of not getting too ahead of myself,” Carrie explained in the Stellar piece.

“You never know what the next day may bring. One minute there’s a room all set up [for the baby] and the next there’s not.”

“To be a woman feeling that baby kick and move, being so close to the end and thinking to yourself: ‘I am almost home and hosed [with the pregnancy].’ So I don’t take anything for granted.”

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Through the wringer

Carrie suffered a serious haemorrhage after the birth of her first child, 11-year-old Ollie, so for her home and hosed happens once she’s safely discharged from hospital with her newborn.

The soon to be mum-of-three also endured two miscarriages between the births of Ollie and her three-year-old, Evie. It’s fair to say that she’s been through the wringer and that her wary view of birth is understandable.

During her pregnancy with Evie, Carrie said she was so worried about pregnancy complications that she sought treatment for panic attacks, noting that it made “a world of difference”.

Now she and Chris Walker are adding to their brood, with Chris apparently keen to have a BUNCH more kiddos if Carrie’s up for it. Time will tell! We wish Carrie all the very best with the birth of baby number three.

You can read the full story in Stellar magazine or the Daily Telegraph.

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