Watch Carrie Bickmore tell daughter Evie she’s pregnant with baby number THREE!

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Oh, my gawsh. If this isn’t the cutest pregnancy reveal, then we don’t know what is. Behold! Here’s the Carrie Bickmore pregnancy proof!

“Carrie is pregnant!”

Carrie posted the exciting news on her Instagram an hour or so ago announcing, “Hey some exciting news to share with you. We are having a BABY. How funny is Evie asking if it’s twins. No honey it’s not twins!!!!!!”

The Carrie and Tommy Facebook page also shared the news (they were SUPER stoked, too!)

“CARRIE IS PREGNANT!” they posted alongside an adorable video of Carrie, partner Chris Walker, ten-year-old son Ollie and young Evie. “We are so bloody excited and thrilled for Carrie, Chris, Ollie & Evie! NEW BUB. THIS IS THE BEST.”

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“Have you got twins?”

The video reveal played out a little something like this …

“Guess what Evie?” Carrie says,  looking at a smiling Ollie as Chris grins on.

“Um, we’re having a baby,” Ollie – who’s in on the news already – says. Evie gasps.

“Mummy’s having a baby,” Carrie confirms to a wide-eyed Evie. “There’s a baby in mummy’s tummy.”

Another gasp from Evie!

“Now?!” Evie cries in disbelief.

“Yeah! There’s a baby in there growing NOW!” her mum laughs.

Evie wants details – “Is it a girl or a boy?” 

“I don’t know!!” Carrie crows.

“Have you got twins?!” Evie splutters hopefully, wriggling about in delight.

Everyone promptly dissolves into fits of giggles. 

Read more about Carrie:

A brilliant blended family

The Project co-host lost her first husband, Ollie’s dad Greg Lange, to brain cancer in 2010. Fans were delighted when she found love with Chris, and the pair has gone on to build a brilliant blended family, which they are now about to add to!

No wonder Carrie couldn’t be bothered to tidy up her room that one time. We’d be tired too if we were in those early stages of pregnancy.

A huge congrats to this sweet gang on their very exciting news! We can’t wait to follow Carrie’s pregnancy and see what the future holds for this fam.


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