Besotted Harry can’t stop holding Meghan’s hand in adorable new video

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting their first baby in April and it’s clear they’re closer than ever if this new video is anything to go by!

Prince Handsy

The couple attended a charity performance of  Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Harry simply could not stop checking in with his pregnant wife – who wore a fitted and glittering Roland Mouret gown – as they both took their seats.

They held hands as they took their seats, letting go to give the production a round of applause. A slightly exhausted-looking Harry then quickly snaffled a beaming Meg’s hand once again as they prepared for the show to begin. (See clip below)

Royal watchers had plenty of things to say about this show of affection – and we’re focusing on the good.

“From what I’ve read, he is more like his mom (openly affectionate),” one fan wrote on Instagram. “It does not surprise me to see them being more touchy. Will appears to be more like Dad (affectionate but reserved).”

“They are so cute! You can tell they are in love,” another commenter asserted.

“I just want a relationship as consistent as their hand-holding,” someone else wrote and LOLLLL.

The PDA shaming continues

This clip is the latest in a long line of PDAs for the pair, making it clear that touchy-feely is their love language.

They – sadly – came under fire for their physical contact while on tour in Australia and now Meghan’s being criticised for holding onto her baby bump as she attends official engagements.

Thankfully the royal couple do not give a single toss about what the critics think. They continue to hold hands, put their arms around each other, whisper together and generally get mushy with utter abandon.

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Never enough bump snuggles

Duchess Meghan also ignores the very unkind and unnecessary chorus of digs about her ‘acting too pregnant‘ and ‘cradling her bump too much.’

She proudly keeps in touch with her baby as she goes about her workday with constant belly touches and protective hugs (as well as plenty of chatter about the impending arrival!)

It’s clear that Meghan is keen to protect and connect with her baby and that she’s going to be a super hands-on and cuddly mum when the baby arrives. Which is quite soon. And we’re so excited.

Roll on April!


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