Amazing mum shares what it’s like to carry twins compared to a single bub

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A US mum vlogger has shared the incredible difference between her first twin pregnancy with her current singleton one.

Natalie Bennett is around 38 weeks with her baby girl, and has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers via weekly updates on her YouTube channel.

Recently the popular mum described the difference between this pregnancy and her first time around, which she grew twin baby boys in her belly.

She shared a video, depicting her twin pregnancies, and the visual difference is stunning.

Wearing the same maternity clothes in each photo, it’s easy to see how much more work her body was doing with her twin pregnancy.

The picture on the left shows a swollen belly, that looks uncomfortable to carry around.

In the front on view of her twin bump, her skin is stretched and taut. Natalie’s single pregnancy on the right, however, is another story. Even she describes this pregnancy as much easier.

“The pregnancy itself was so much less comfortable than what it is now,” she explained of her first pregnancy. “Just the way my body feels in this pregnancy is so much better than how it felt in my last pregnancy.

“I would say that this pregnancy just overall has been more convenient because it has been so straightforward. One baby is so much more straightforward than a pregnancy with multiples.”

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Many twin mums report being full term size by 28 weeks, so it’s no surprise that Natalie describes her 36-week pregnancy with twins as out-of-this-world.

“I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large. It looks inhuman. I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a stinking shelf. It was so heavy. My skin was so stretched.”

According to Natalie, despite the discomfort that came with carrying twins, the experience helped prepare her for her second pregnancy. “I don’t have the pain in my skin like I did last time,” she said, explaining that her skin had already been stretched by her first pregnancy.


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