A very pregnant Carrie Bickmore says she’d “have six kids if he had his way!”

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Carrie Bickmore’s just popped up the cover of Who Weekly, looking gorgeous and pregnant enough to burst! 

Bigger is better?

It’s the magazine’s famous ‘Sexiest People’ issue, and within the pages, Carrie shares a little more about motherhood and her life with partner Chris Walker.

Carrie – who is due to add a third child to her family very, very soon – says Chris has his sights set on a bumper-sized family.

“He’d have six kids if he had his way! He loves kids and loves watching them playing together,” she told Who.

But Carrie’s not so sure about what the couple’s three-year-old daughter Evie will make of this incoming addition.

“Evie has [Chris] wrapped around her little finger, so who knows how she is gonna cope with a baby in the mix.”

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“It’s much harder”

The pair are also parents to eleven-year-old Ollie (whose father Greg Lange very sadly passed away in 2010).

Carrie admits that the challenges of pregnancy number three are very different from the first.

“My body certainly feels sorer and more tired this time around” she reveals, noting that a decade makes a difference, as do the demands of parenting a preschooler.

“When I had Evie, Ollie was seven so I wasn’t having to carry him around, but this time round Evie is still little so it’s much harder looking after a toddler while I have limited movement!”

Puff Mummy

The Project anchor admits it’s been quite the rollercoaster in terms of body image, too.

A pretty savage and long-running dose of morning sickness had her feeling “as sexy as a log” and after a few months of respite from that she’s up to the “uncomfortable, tired and puffy” phase. (Although you’d never know it from looking at her!)

She joins a long line of late pregnancy mamas who would prefer their babies OUT rather than IN at this point, thank you very much!

You can read more about Carrie in the latest issue of Who.


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