A new photo of just-married Miley Cyrus has fans convinced she’s pregnant

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Miley fans have been suggesting the just married singer is pregnant since they got a look at her wedding photos, and now that speculation is reaching fever pitch.

“Looks pretty pregnant to me”

Miley’s wedding dress was utterly gorgeous and sharp-eyed fans noted that she was hiding her belly in every image. A video shared does show more of her dress and fans decided they could indeed see a tiny bump.

There was speculation that a New Year’s photo of Miley holding a champagne bottle was designed to throw them off the scent and keep the pregnancy hush-hush. Other images obscured her belly or may have been shot last year, it was suggested.

Next minute – well actually last week – Miley was spotted leaving the Versace mansion with what actually DOES look a LOT like a baby bump (see here).

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Fans were convinced they knew the truth and gosh they were excited.

“She’s pregnant!” one posted. “She’s always had a flat tummy but there is a bump there.”

“Looks pretty pregnant to me,” another wrote.

“I bet she’s pregnant!!!!!!!! That’s why that wedding happened the way it did!” someone else decided.

“It’s a girl!” What?

The rumour mill began to swirl and now stories are popping up in the tabloids with quotes from ‘anonymous sources’ ‘confirming’ that Liam and Miley are set to be parents … and are planning on moving to Byron Bay!

“The couple, who tied the knot on December 23, are said to be thrilled by the baby news, with an insider telling OK! Australia on Thursday that they’re expecting a girl,” the Mail Online writes.

“‘Miley’s over the moon because she’s carrying Liam’s baby … It’s a girl, which is what [they] hoped for. He called his brothers and parents. [Miley] got him to Skype call her family, too. Her mum was crying'”

“Byron Bay feels like a second home to her… Miley wants to buy a house next to Chris and Elsa’s, so they can all spend more time together and the cousins can grow up together.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley’s latest Instagram story

A grain of salt is always required when making sense of stories like this and there’s been no official word from the couple about any baby news. It’s not the first time media outlets have decided Miley’s pregnant and obviously it won’t be the last.

Still, we’ve got our ear to the ground for official confirmation because how cute would this little one be?! Time will tell if this speculation is accurate.

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