Mum who tragically lost full-term baby after lightning strike is pregnant again

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Content note: This post discusses the loss of a baby.

In June of 2017, a nine-months-pregnant Meghan Davidson was struck by lightning, just a few days before her baby’s due date.  

Struck by lightning

The lightning strike caused both Meghan and her baby’s heart to stop beating. Baby Owen was then delivered via emergency c-section, but sadly he passed away two weeks later.

It’s a terrible story, and Meghan says she’s still struggling to come to terms with what happened to her and her little boy.

“It seems surreal,” Meghan told WINK-TV News. “I was having irregular contractions throughout the day … I went for a walk to speed up the process.”

Meghan also suffered a collapsed lung and burns as a result of the lightning strike, which happened just outside her parents home in Fort Myers, Florida.

“It’s a freak thing”

Meghan says she can’t recall what happened, and her memories are from “about a week prior and five days after” the accident.

Her faith and church community have helped the family through their loss, and this mum believes “even through tragedy, God has a plan”.

“It’s a freak thing that I don’t know you can be prepared for it,” Meghan’s husband Matt said of their experience. 

“I enjoy not dwelling on it,” Meghan admitted. “Because it hurts when I do.”

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A new little life

The Davidsons were surprised and delighted when they found out they’d be adding to their family, in the wake of their loss. The pair have two other children, a son Otto and a daughter Brea.

“We didn’t know if she was going to be able to be pregnant again,” Matt revealed. “We didn’t know what damage the lightning had done.”

“Getting pregnant again is really exciting,” Meghan confirmed, appearing to thank her lucky stars. “I’m here, and I don’t have any pain or anything. I’m 20 weeks pregnant.”

“So thankful”

The family say they feel blessed, and baby Owen is always in their thoughts.

“Knowing he’s in heaven brings comfort,” Meghan explained.

“When I lay down last night, I was just so thankful,” Matt said. “Just to have everyone in the house, everyone healthy, because that very easily couldn’t have been the situation.

“I’m happy to be here,” the mum-of-three admitted. “I’m ecstatic to be in the moments with Brea, Otto and Matt.”

The Davidson’s new baby, Ozzie, is due on 3 October.


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