9 truths about the last month of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is amazing. You grow a little person out of a couple of cells, revelling in their day-to-day development and celebrating those first kicks. Many women report that they’ve never felt better than when they were pregnant: their energy levels are rocking, hair shining and skin glowing with perfection.

Cut to that last month of baby-growing, where everything starts to unravel. Suddenly you’re 35+ weeks pregnant and it’s not so fun anymore. You’re not sleeping, constantly uncomfortable and sick to death of indigestion.

Bring on the birth date, you say!

Here are nine truths about the last month of pregnancy that all women know:

1. Dropping anything = disaster

Bending over to pick anything up off the floor is near impossible, and even if you can get down to pick up those keys, the battle is on to get you back up again. In fact, once something falls on the floor it’s pretty much dead to you.

2. Time seems to stop

What is it about that last 30 days of pregnancy that feels like it’s 200 days long? You thought the pregnancy was zooming along beautifully, with that due date firmly in sight. Then all of a sudden you’re 35 weeks and time slows to a standstill. 

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3. Going anywhere is a huge ordeal

Remember all that energy you had during the second trimester? Yeah, that’s over now. All those sleepless nights when you can’t get comfortable or have to get up to pee have left you wiped out. This makes getting out of the house pretty unfavourable.

4. What is that in my ribs??

Your little sprog has found a great resting place for that cute foot: your lower rib cage. It pokes adorably at you non-stop until the discomfort starts driving you mad. All day long you try shifting your positions or massaging at the area, trying to encourage bub to move down a little, but NO.

Pregnancy woman sitting on a couch

5. All the swelling

‘Oh my god. Even my fingers are swollen.’ By the last month of pregnancy, it can feel like every part of you has inflated as the extra fluid settles in. By the end of the day, your feet no longer fit in your shoes and you’re worried they’ll never get back to their original size.

6. Everything is uncomfortable

The couch. Your bed. Walking. Sitting. Sneezing. Your clothes. Eating. The heat. By the last month of pregnancy, any and all of these things are grossly uncomfortable and can barely be tolerated for another minute.

7. The things people say

“Sure it’s not twins in there?” “Crikey you’re huge!” “Your due date is WHEN? No, you’ll go sooner than that.” When you’re this pregnant, people can’t help but make comments about your size, your due date, whether you’re having a boy or a girl, and a little nugget of wisdom about how you can get labour started.

8. Everything is a sign of labour

They told you to look out for the early signs of labour, so now you think that every twinge and ache is the start of all the action. You watch for your bloody show, wonder at every cramp, and feel sure that your waters just started leaking. Or was that … oh, dammit, not again!

9. Watching your baby is mesmerising

Your baby is some sort of ninja gymnast, knocking out somersaults and cartwheels every night after dinner. It kind of feels like your body has been taken over by a small alien, who wants out. On the other hand, it’s nothing short of incredible watching that little bub roll around in there. It might feel weird, but every night you get out your camera and marvel at the amazing little person playing in that belly. It’s someone you can’t wait to meet.


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