7 ways in-utero babies are almost exactly like Bear Grylls

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Twinning! If you thought survivalist Bear Grylls was the furthest thing from your growing baby, we suggest you think again.

Not only is Grylls-y cut from the same cloth as your in-utero bub, your baby’s actually even more hardcore than the Man vs Wild star, in so very many ways.

Here’s 7 ways in-utero babies are a heck of a lot like Mr Grylls. Prepare to have a newfound admiration for that tiny (hardcore) human you are growing!

1. They both drink their own pee

Bear Grylls may shock with his urine-chugging antics, but in-utero babies are rolling their tiny eyes knowingly because they’ve been doing that in the womb since ye olden days. Babies add the extra classy, cocktail-inspired touch of mixing amniotic fluid with their pee. So innovative. No word on Mr Grylls following suit as yet, but we wouldn’t put it past him.

2. They both like internal organs

As babies grow and develop in their mum’s belly, they become intimately acquainted with a variety of internal organs, snuggling lovingly up to stomach, lungs and kidneys. Guess what? Bear Grylls loves internal organs too! He is less of a snuggle man than the babies, of course. Gobbling inner bits is more his manly-man thing.

3. They both seek to survive at all costs

Absolutely nothing can keep the unstoppable and very tan Bear Grylls down. If you’ve got a problem, yo, he’ll solve it – probably with some oozing intestines, a length of dead snake and a sprinkling of poop. Most growing babies have the very same – albeit superior – survival-at-all-costs attitude. Instead of poop, serpents or offal, they bring their nutrient-providing, badass blood-buddy PLACENTA along for their life-giving ride. #Zombies

4. They are both ridiculously active

Some people think Sir Grylls is the original, high-energy Duracell Bunny-type adventurer, but he’s obviously inspired by the womb-bound busywork of your average in-utero bub. Where Bear scales craggy outcrops and navigates rushing ravines, in-utero babies expertly repel off bladders and float bravely through unchartered waters… and all inside another human being. Twinning!

5. They are both screen stars

There’s a Bear on there, very, very often and those routine ultrasounds can come around so frequently they seem like delightful, foetus-filled re-runs too… We’re currently lobbying for a Baby Vs Wild channel, envisaging heart-stopping, wee-filled adventures beyond pregnancy and well into the toddler years.

6. They both sleep inside other creatures

You may think babies are the ones prepared to cuddle up inside another body, but that would mean the time Bear fashioned his own mammal-swag and slept inside a dead camel had completely slipped your mind. Credit where credit’s due, guys! Never forget.

7. They both stretch to fit

In-utero babies will make themselves right at home, stretching their mummy’s skin for all it’s worth and ensuring temperature-controlled, bespoke, cosy times. Bear likes bespoke cosy and he likes skin too. Snap! He doesn’t mention his mummy’s skin, per se, but there was that one time he slipped into something more comfortable, insulating and cosy… and it was A DEAD SEAL’S GOSH-DARNED SKIN, guys! Same, same!

Obviously Bear and babies are the Mary-Kate and Ashley of the survivalist world and have way more in common than you ever thought, right?!

Lucky you have us to point these important things out. You’re so welcome.


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