15 gender prediction myths and old wives’ tales

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Nine months seems an awfully long time to wait when you’re itching to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl – particularly in this modern era of wanting everything ‘now’! We’ve gathered some of the most common gender prediction methods that continue to endure, despite their inaccuracy. Have you tried any of these?

Morning sickness

Apparently if you don’t have morning sickness in the early part of your pregnancy, you’re having a boy. Ergo, if you have your head in the toilet for the first few weeks of pregnancy, you’re having a pink one!

Bad skin

Has your face returned to looking like it did when you were a pimply teenager? It’s a girl for you!


Bouncy baby?

If you’re constantly asking your in utero bub to settle down, the myth goes that you’re having a boy. It appears this one may be based on the rather outdated assertion that boys are more boisterous than girls!

Hormone high

While we’re on the subject of the slightly sexist – some schools of thought allude to women being moodier when pregnant with girls, due to the extra female hormones.


And coming from the same outdated thought processes, it’s said that if you’re clumsier than usual, you’re having a boy.

Heart rate

This is a really common one women try, because generally we all get access to this information after an ultrasound. The old wives’ tale goes that if your baby has a heart rate of less that 140 beats per minute, it’s a boy. More, and it’s a girl.

Ring on a string

Who hasn’t done this one? Pop a gold ring on a string and suspend it over your pregnant belly – if it spins in a circle you’re having a girl, side to side and you’re having a boy.


Chinese Gender Chart

I tried this one with both of my children. The chart predicted they would be girls. I have two boys. Enough said.

Your belly

You’ll no doubt get at least one little old lady coming up to you while you’re pregnant, telling you that if you’re carrying your baby high, you’re having a girl. Low, and it’s a boy. Or you’re just in the last weeks of pregnancy!

The toddler test

This interesting myth says that if a toddler shows some degree of interest in you while you’re pregnant, you’re having the opposite sex to that toddler.

Urine colour

It’s been said that the colour of your wee can predict the gender of your wee one. The formula goes: bright urine = boy, dull urine = girl.

pregnant cravings fruit fresh food sl


Are you up for a really spicy curry? Or are you in dire need of a sugar hit. The myth goes that if you’re craving savoury foods, it’s a boy for you!

Hairy legs

Do you think the hair on your pins has been growing at the rate of knots? Apparently, it’s because you’re having a little man!

On the nose

If you’re nose swells, you’re apparently having a girl (and sinus problems).

Cold feet

No, this one has nothing to do with marriage. According to a Chinese old wives’ tale, if your feet are like ice blocks, you’re having a boy.

Close up of pregnant woman holding ultrasound scan

Of course, these gender predictors are all a bit of a laugh, but there is an almost sure-fire way to find out what the sex of your baby is before they’re born. The tried and tested method of an ultrasound, which can usually predict the gender of a baby after about 18 weeks, with 95 per cent accuracy. Or you could just hold onto one of life’s few remaining mysteries, and wait until you have your baby in your arms!


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