13 things to love about being pregnant in winter

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Preparing for the birth of a little one shortly? Well, the good news is you’re nearly there. The even better news is that being pregnant during the winter months actually comes with plenty of perks.

It’s hard to see the positives when you’re feeling larger than a mammoth, so let us remind you of some of the wondrous perks of a winter pregnancy.

You can bundle up your bump in fuzzy, woolly, cosy outfits.

And pairing your cosy scarves, beanies and sweaters with sweatpants is perfectly acceptable.

Plus, you don’t have to showcase your bump at the beach.

It’s way too cold for that!

You also have an excuse to purchase this incredibly cool winter coat.


Which doubles as a coat for both you and bub too (find it at Mamaway). And, if you don’t have a newborn (like me), you can always carry your dog around in it.

That ‘pregnancy glow’ is actually a glow.

Not a sweat that usually comes with a summer pregnancy.

You don’t have to shave.

Not like you can reach your legs anyway…

Plus, you can hide your less-than-perfectly-styled-and-dyed hair.

Beanies are your best friend.

You learn new skills every day.

Like getting in and out of the car while wearing heavy winter gear. If you can pull yourself up, then you can pretty much do anything.

No one can see your cankles.

sl pregnant winter 2

Because they are hiding underneath fuzzy socks, slippers or boots.

You’ll be pregnant-free by party season!

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate in winter, but summer is where it’s at for the festive beverages (that are off limits when pregnant). Just think, when Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day come, you’ll be sipping cocktails and eating soft cheeses poolside (while your new baby sleeps peacefully, of course).

Summer foods are less tempting.

After all, who wants soft serve ice cream in the middle of July?

Underboob sweat is at a minimum.

Thank the Winter Lord.

Winter chores are put into the too hard basket.

Like washing clothes. And folding. And cleaning toilets. Okay, so these are all year round, but, it’s harder to do them in winter. Because you’re pregnant. The end.

And, finally, you have an excellent excuse to sleep as much as you want.

sl winter pregnant 3

Be a bear – hibernate. It’s cold. It’s winter. And it’s your right as a pregnant lady.

Yes, pregnancy can be tough and painful. But just remember, even though you may feel like you’re the size of house, you’re warm, you’re cosy and you’re growing a human being.

So have another cup of hot chocolate and macaroon and enjoy the cooler days. You deserve it. Make sure you also check out some of the reasons why we love being parents in winter, especially if you have older kiddies.


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