The top 20 names of women most likely to fall pregnant in 2016

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Trying for a baby? A lot of factors come into play when trying to fall pregnant, but if your name is Jessica there’s a good chance 2016 might just be your year.

The most up-to-date statistics available show the median age of all Australian first-time mums is 30.9 years. With that in mind, women born between 1985 and 1986 will already be 30 or looking forward to celebrating their 30th this year. So how does that mean you might be sporting a baby bump in 2016? Let us explain.

pregnant woman looking at ultrasound pictures

We’ve tracked down and compiled the most popular baby names for girls born in Australia in 1985-86 and bingo! No guarantees, but if your name is below, then our calculations show you’re more likely to fall pregnant this year than anyone else.

  1. Jessica

  2. Sarah

  3. Rebecca

  4. Melissa

  5. Amanda

  6. Lauren

  7. Nicole

  8. Emma

  9. Laura

  10. Amy

  11. Stephanie

  12. Kate

  13. Emily

  14. Lisa

  15. Michelle

  16. Kylie

  17. Samantha

  18. Natalie

  19. Erin

  20. Elizabeth

So, while this is just a fun exercise using available data from Births, Deaths and Marriages, we’d love to know if our predictions have come true! If you are going to welcome your own bundle of joy this year, why not get some baby name inspiration from the most popular baby names according to Babyology readers?


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