Birth captured: Children meet their new siblings for the very first time

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Introducing your child to a fresh, new baby sibling is an emotional and much-hoped for moment. After months of preparation your child claps eyes on the newest family member and pretty much nothing can prepare you (or them!) for what is about to unfold.

It’s hard to describe how overwhelming, life-affirming and joyful these first interactions can be. Sometimes it’s better to let a picture (or ten!) tell the story.

Thank you to all the photographers who allowed us to publish their beautiful photos and to The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers for their assistance compiling this post.

10 ways to help your child prepare for a new sibling

  1. Involve your child in your antenatal appointments and explain to them about your growing tummy and who’s hiding inside.
  2. Read stories about babies and talk about the feelings that often crop up when a new baby arrives.
  3. Look at pictures of your child when they were little and talk about what they were like as a baby.
  4. Let your child make some decisions about preparing for the baby, perhaps choosing something special for the nursery or buying something for the baby to wear.
  5. Spend time with other babies. If you don’t have any in your social circle, head to the park or local swimming pool to observe families with infants.
  6. Talk about the challenges and gains of having a baby, with good humour.
  7. Discuss the benefits of being a big brother or sister, but don’t put too much pressure on your child to ‘grow up’.
  8. Give your child a special present after the birth of their child, welcoming them to the role of big brother or sister.
  9. Ensure your child has some ‘baby-free’ time before and after the birth, to confirm they are still a special and equally important priority.
  10. Buy your child their own baby doll, so that they can imagine themselves in your role and care for ‘their baby’ when you are caring for yours.

This post was originally published on 8 November 2016. 


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