30 baby names with the luck of the Irish

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Finding the perfect name for your little one doesn’t need to be as hard as finding a four leaf clover, we’ve found some beautiful Irish baby names that are sure to turn other parents at the playground green with envy. It is St Patrick’s Day after all so may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Could fair Fiona be your pot of gold at the end of the name rainbow or perhaps noble Brian is more your lucky charm? Prepare to get leaping leprechaun excited for the precious meanings of these 30 marvellous monikers to be sure, to be sure.


  1. Aednat: little fire
  2. Briana: virtuous
  3. Neave: radiance
  4. Aileen: noble
  5. Fiona: fair
  6. Darina: bountiful
  7. Noelle: Christmas
  8. Hannah: splendour
  9. Claire: bright
  10. Riona: queenly
  11. Alanna: child
  12. Eleanor: torch
  13. Davina: little deer
  14. Cara: friend
  15. Brigit: power


  1. David: swiftness
  2. Declan: full of goodness
  3. Terrence: one who aids or assists
  4. Brian: noble
  5. Patrick: nobly born
  6. William: strong protector
  7. Bradan: a salmon
  8. Ennis: island
  9. Quinn: intelligent
  10. Edmond: guardian of the rich
  11. Sean: God’s gracious gift
  12. Alroy: red
  13. Peter: the rock
  14. Dillon: faithful
  15. Timothy: a poet


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