30 absolutely darling baby names for those who are perfectly posh

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If you are known for your polished style, your impeccable table manners and your pronunciation is always on point, then it is only fitting your darling little ones carry  appropriate titles.

We have found some of the best baby names any parent would be proud to flex a pinky finger at during tea time.

These names are strong, dignified, roll off the tongue with meaning and are just perfectly posh.


  1. Charles
  2. Albert
  3. Bartholomew
  4. Benedict
  5. Emerson
  6. Frederick
  7. Edward
  8. Ignatius
  9. Leonardo
  10. Theodore
  11. Montgomery
  12. Gerald
  13. Rowland
  14. Edwin
  15. Alfred


  1. Allegra
  2. Florence
  3. Eleanor
  4. Isabella
  5. Victoria
  6. Penelope
  7. Margot
  8. Antoinette
  9. Beatrice
  10. Blanche
  11. Estonia
  12. Genevieve
  13. Cassandra
  14. Aurelia
  15. Rosalind

If you are a little old-school but these names just aren’t your style, why not save a name from extinction? They aren’t on trend but they might be just the moniker for your little bundle.


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