The Promise of Sleep: A lifesaving podcast for every parent chasing more z’s

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Other people will be keen to warn you about the hit your sleep patterns will take when you have a baby, but it’s only when you’re deep in the newborn trenches that the harrowing reality of sleep deprivation hits home. Luckily we’ve got your back!

The Promise of Sleep aims to unravel those tricky sleep challenges and give your family a much better night’s sleep.

Host Shevonne Hunt uncovers what it’s really like for mums and dads in the first year. We chat self-settling, co-sleeping, how to choose a sleep consultant, and how parents can deal with sleep deprivation. 

The Promise of Sleep shines a light on real families struggles, guided by experts like Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, lactation consultant and author Pinky McKay,  midwife and senior nurse educator at Tresillian Fran Chavasse,  Director of the Mother Baby Behavioural Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, Professor James McKenna, founder of Baby Bliss Jo Ryan, and many more. 

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