Zoe Bingley-Pullin and Chris North: Wiggle woes, parental boredom plus more

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Nutritionist and chef Zoe Bingley-Pullen joins comedian and celebrant Chris North to share their parenting knowledge with host Shevonne Hunt.

On this show they tackle the following topics:

  • Do we have different expectations of mothers and fathers in politics?
  • Are The Wiggles out of line when they suggest that boys can be Emma too?
  • Is it okay to be distracted while you’re playing with your kids?
  • What’s the most impressive thing your kid has ever done?

Listen to Zoe Bingley-Pullen and Chris North on The Parent Panel:

Do we have different expectations of mothers in high places than fathers? 

This week Labour deputy Tanya Plibersek declined to run as leader of the Labour party due to family commitments. Political commentator Annabel Crabb pointed out that men in a similar position don’t often decline due to family commitments. Women are asked more often how they manage the work/ family juggle. Annabel suggested it’s because more male politicians have wives who hold the family up while dad is at work. 

Why do you think we have fewer women in parliament? Is it because we expect them to stay home with the kids? Should we be asking male politicians about how they feel leaving their families behind? 

Are The Wiggles out of line suggesting boys can be Emma too? 

This week Emma Wiggle posted an image of Lachy wearing a yellow bow in his hair and a poster saying, “Boys can be Emma too”. The post divided followers with many supporting the move, while others said it was too young to be introducing children to gender diversity.  

Do you think Emma was out of line, or right on message? 

Is it OK to be distracted while playing with your kids? 

A mum on Reddit recently admitted to listening to podcasts while playing with her kids. While there are other activities where she is completely present, the ones that bore her the most (imaginary play) are accompanied by her favourite podcast. Some joined the conversation saying they do it at the park while pushing swings, or while they get their baby to sleep at night. 

Is it OK to be distracted while you’re with your kids, or should you always be 100 percent present? 

When has your child most impressed you? 

Babyology writer Lana told the office about her son and his obsession with space. He once said, “Did you know that Jupiter has 67 moons mum and that Mars has a big volcano called Olympus Mons? He’s five. And obsessed with space.” Lana did also add that he can’t aim when he wees.

When has your child most impressed you? 


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