Sarah Hunstead and Sean Szeps: Best intentions, parent super powers and more

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Former emergency paediatric nurse and CEO of CPR Kids Sarah Hunstead joins podcaster and blogger Sean Szeps to chat about the week that was.

On this episode that includes:

  • Morals that went out the window once babies were born
  • Planning for Halloween
  • The super power having children unlocked in you
  • Pleasure and pain points of staying at home

Listen to Sarah Hunstead and Sean Szeps on The Parent Panel:

The best laid plans 

Before we have our children we can have some very fixed ideas about how we will parent. You may have very firm ideas on what kinds of nappies you will use, or how much screen time they will have. Then the baby comes and all your best intentions fly out the window. Babyology wrote about a few of these things that can come undone after kids. 

What best intentions did you have before babies, that quickly disappeared in a cloud of talcum powder? 

Halloween is on the horizon

In recent years Australians have started celebrating Halloween, but compared to the United States we’re still in our early years of this holiday. Take for example Google, who have released the top baby outfits for Halloween (no 1. is a banana, check it out, it’s super cute).

How do you ‘do’ Halloween in your house? Have you made plans for costumes and do you go trick or treating?

What superpower did your babies unlock? 

American sprinter Allyson Felix just broke Usain Bolt’s record in a mixed-relay competition, 10 months after giving birth to her baby girl. 

What super-power did you discover after your babies were born?

The pleasure and pain of being at home 

Musician Adam Levine says he is now a proper “stay-at-home” dad after leaving The Voice. He says he’s loving it, and not having to work as hard as he did on the show. Presenter Shevonne Hunt took some time off for the holidays and hung out more with the kids, and it reminded her of what a strange privilege it is to stay at home. Strange because it’s so wonderful and fulfilling to hang out with your kids, but it’s also frustrating, boring and damn hard work. 

What are your particular points of pleasure and pain when it comes to staying home with kids? 


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