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CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead, cook and author Aaron Harvie join host Shevonne Hunt to take down the gossip, to pick apart the news and to offer their own perspective (and battle scars) from their lives as parents. Well the last seven days of it anyway.

In this episode, the panel take on these four topics;

  • Are working mothers more stressed than ever?
  • Should you upload your birth video to Instagram?
  • Would taking MDMA save your marriage?
  • What’s the one thing that you wish you had to have you #winning at life?

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Working mothers are more stressed

New research from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University has found that working mothers are up to 18 % more stressed than working women without children. That figure goes up to 40% if the woman has two children. The only impact that made a difference on their stress levels was working less hours. It’s definitely not rocket science that trying to combine work and family life can be stressful. Is working from home, managing work with family life always more stressful?

Births on social media

A recent video of a caesarean birth at New Years Eve went viral, showing people jumping around in crazy excitement while the poor mother lay on the gurney awaiting the birth of her child. It looked awful. You can read about it here. But that’s not the worst of it. You could cop a full caesarean video (or photos) while scrolling through your Instagram feed over lunch. Should full videos of birth (caesarean or vaginal) be banned from social media feeds?

Drugs and marriage

Author Ayelet Waldman is famous for writing about how micro dosing LSD in her book A Really Good Day.  In an article for WHIMN she also says that MDMA has helped her 25 year marriage be successful. She says, “I really do believe that the secret is periodically doing MDMA. We’ve had had incredibly intense conversations and worked out very serious issues in a positive way. MDMA when taken safely helps break down barriers.” What is your secret weapon in your marriage or relationship?

 Nailing it

Shevonne recently enrolled in a handstand course. It’s three hours and she’s terrified, but convinced that once she can master a handstand do it her life will change. For most people there’s got to be one thing that they’re convinced will have them utterly nailing this life thing. What’s yours?

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