Rachael Coopes and Cam Knight: Mummy wine time, labour rights and halloween poo

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Play School presenter and yogi Rachael Coopes and comedian Cam Knight join The Parent Panel presenter Shevonne Hunt to talk about everything from the weekly news to daily parenting challenges.

In this episode they discuss:

  • Losing at Australian Survivor and winning at life – the fundraising support for Luke Toki
  • When does the non-birthing partner have rights in the labour ward?
  • Has “wine mum” culture been misinterpreted?
  • What do you do with all the party lolly bags?

Listen to Rachael Coopes and Cam Knight on The Parent Panel:

Would you feel awkward if strangers gave you $500,000?

When Australian Survivor contender Luke Toki was booted off the show on Monday night, fans went into meltdown. Luke was an audience favourite because he was a loveable larrikin with three children at home with special needs: two boys on the autism spectrum and one little girl with cystic fibrosis.

One superfan started a GoFundMe page, which may end up surpassing the prize money on offer for the Australia Survivor winner.

It’s one thing to go on a program to win money for your family, another to have a crowd-sourced amount given to you. If you were Luke would you feel comfortable taking the money? Or would it feel a bit strange to be using money from strangers?

Birthing choices when you’re a couple

A former Entertainment Tonight presenter has been criticised after saying his girlfriend, actress Shay Mitchell, should not have an epidural during labour. His arguments included that her body was “genetically engineered” to give birth.

How much say should a partner have in the birthing process?

When parents resort to alcohol

A while back there was an outcry against mums drinking wine. There was a push back against mums posting their wine’ o’clock images.

The argument was that it’s unhealthy and unhelpful to promote drinking this way, that actually many women have a serious problem with alcohol. A valid argument.

Now a writer for Motherly in the US has questioned the interpretation of mums and wine. She says that we’re not seeing the whole picture and that it’s about embracing ‘me time’.

Was the push back against mum’s wine time legitimate and fair, or did it go too far?

Birthday parties and the lolly bag dilemma 

There comes a point in every parent’s life where birthday parties for kids are more frequent than any socialising you did in your 20s. Over the years people have written about how to handle the presents. There are the fiver parties, the donation parties, the no-present parties, but what does everyone do with the lolly bags? (Note: Rachael tells a very funny story about Halloween lolly excess and her son’s resulting urgent need for a bathroom)

What do you do with the lolly bags if there is more than one party during the weekend? Do you hide them and eat them after the kids are asleep? Do you put them somewhere and ration them out over time? Do you just let them have at it? And what do you do with party bags when it’s your turn to host the party?


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