Michelle and Matt Baseley: Reality TV, parenting tips and the language of love

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Voice-over artist Michelle Gutierrez-Baseley and Sydney Weekender TV presenter Matt Baseley join presenter Shevonne Hunt on The Parent Panel to talk about the parenting topics of the week.

This episode we talk about:

  • What would a reality TV show discover about your family life?
  • The best piece of parenting advice you ever received
  • Are we too screen-obsessed or is creating digital memories important?
  • What’s your ‘love language’?

Listen to Michelle Gutierrez-Baseley and Matt Baseley on The Parent Panel:

Reality TV in your home  

This week on Wednesday night public relations socialite Roxy Jacenko premiered her reality show I am Roxy!  The show promises to take viewers into Roxy’s home, exposing the domestic life and behind-the-scenes action on her business life.

People are obviously panting after the extravagance of Roxy’s life. There is the drama of the money she spends, the business wheeling and dealing. Her whole life is on display. 

What kind of entertainment would the camera’s capture in your home? 

What is the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

We all know that when you become a parent, you are inundated with a stack of advice. Most of it unwanted. But this week Babyology writer Barbara O’Reilly outlined three pieces of great parental advice that she got.

These included remembering to consider her own needs, understanding where tantrums come from and being comfortable with your own value systems as a family. 

What was the best bit of parenting advice you have been given?  

Are you a happy snappy parent?

This week, psychologist Dr Judith Locke was asking parents (PayWall) to steer their children away from being like the Kardashians. She talked about how today everyone wants to capture the moment, as opposed to experiencing it. She included parents in this group – talking about how parents are too busy filming events to actually be present for the moment itself.

But what about capturing photos for your children?

Should we be putting our phones away, even when it’s to take a photo of a precious moment? Most couples have one person who is the photo taker. Who is it in your family? Do they miss out on experiencing the moment?  

What is your love language? 

Psychologist Dr Gary Chapman wrote a book about the five languages of love. He describes the five love languages as being about how we communicate and receive love. The five basic languages he outlines are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, and acts of service. I.e. some people feel loved by gestures (their partner washing up, helping around the house etc) and others need to be told (I love you, you look great today etc). When explaining a problem, some people need to be listened to, others need to be told everything will be all right or just want a hug. 

What is your love language? And is it the same? (this quiz may help you work it out!) 


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