Jess Rowe and Sam Wood: Stealing pass-the-parcel, terrible tantrums and more

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TV presenter and author Jess Rowe and fitness entrepreneur Sam Wood join Shevonne Hunt on The Parent Panel to chat all things parenting.

In this episode they cover:

  • “Concierge parenting” and different parenting styles
  • The most perplexing reason your child has thrown a tantrum
  • Sulking or exploding, how you respond to your partner when you’re angry
  • Flipping parenting fails into a parenting wins

Listen to Jess Rowe and Sam Wood on The Parent Panel:

What is your parenting style?

You may have heard there is a new parenting style in town. Coined the “concierge parent” by the principal of the private girl’s school St Catherine’s in Waverley Sydney, it’s the parent who does everything for their kids.

These are the parents who offer to sit detention because it was their fault their kid was late, or who insist that they really are good enough for the netball team.

Writer Darren Levin has his own take on the kind of parenting styles we could add to the plethora of terms out there, he says, “Blinkered parenting is when you’re ambivalent about everything else except keeping your kids happy and alive.

“Netflix parenting is when you hand over the child-rearing reins to a streaming service and pray that Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse will help them navigate the world.” 

If you had to give your parenting style a name, what would it be?

The most perplexing reason your child has thrown a tantrum

Children, as we all know, feel big emotions. Sometimes these big emotions can be about completely random things. Shevonne’s daughter once had a meltdown because her ice block was too cold. These tantrums can be completely perplexing to adults who (of course) only tantrum about rational things. 

What have been the most perplexing things your children have had a tantrum about?

 Are you an exploder or a sulker?

Parenting small children can be challenging. It can make connecting with your partner difficult – particularly when everything is chaos and you can’t get a minute to think calmly. There are some typical responses when your partner does something that makes you see red. You could be unusual, and respond in a calm, clear and communicative way. Or you can respond like most of us, by either exploding or sulking.

What is your most common response when you’re angry? How do you come back together after a spat?

Flipping your parenting fails

A colleague in our office was relating a story about running out of bread before school. She grabbed some cheese from the fridge, grabbed a loaf of bread on the way and told her kids it was “car lunch” day, and they made their lunches in the car on the way to school. The kids thought it was the bomb, so much that they still ask her for another “car lunch” day.

When have you flipped a parenting fail into a parenting win? 


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