Jacinta Tynan and Ryan Johnson: First home memories and hated Christmas gifts

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Sky News presenter and author Jacinta Tynan joins actor Ryan Johnson to talk about the news and events that are circling the parenting world this week.

In this episode that includes:

  • How the fires across Australia are impacting their children
  • First home nostalgia
  • What they would do on an adult gap year
  • The worst Christmas presents you can give a kid (from an adult’s perspective)

Listen to Jacinta Tynan and Ryan Johnson on The Parent Panel:

How the fires are impacting your family

In the last few weeks, most people around Australia are either aware of or directly affected by the fires raging around the country.

In many urban areas, previously untouched by fires, there have been Armageddon-style scenes from the smoke haze. 

Has the smoke from the fires impacted you or your family? How do you talk about what’s happening? Are your children worried about the fires and if yes, how do you deal with that? 

Nostalgia for your first home

This week Jemimah Clegg wrote about her childhood home in the Herald, talking about how she is drawn back to it, and how it occupies a special place in her memories. 

She talks about why we connect memories to place, and how academics are trying to understand the impact of the built environment on how we live and what we remember.

Do you have any special memories of your own childhood home? Is there anything in particular you think your own kids will remember about their childhood home? 

Where would you take an adult gap year?

This week a Domain podcast called Somewhere Else interviewed a woman about taking an adult gap year. The concept is that many young things take a year off after high school to “find themselves” but when you’re older and have lived more of your life, you can do some serious reflecting/soul searching/living with a year off. 

Where would you take your adult gap year? What would you do? 

The worst Christmas presents for kids (as told by adults)

Kerry Parnell listed (Paywall) the worst Christmas presents for kids (by parents) in the News Ltd press this week. It included beads, paint, toy weapons, slime, singing toys, oversized teddy bears and recorders.

What do you think is the worst gift to give a kid? Happy for you to repeat any of the above listed and expand on why you hate them so much … 


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