Holly Wainwright and Simon Kennedy: Child tattooists, #tradwives + kids’ socks

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Head of Content at Mamamia and co-host of This Glorious Mess, Holly Wainwright teams up with author and comedian, Simon Kennedy to chat about the news and events of the week, all through the parenting lens.

This episode includes:

  • A nine-year-old child tattooist (and whether we’d get our kid’s drawing as a tattoo)
  • A new social media trend #tradwives and if it’s damaging to feminism
  • Is it time we went back to basics with lunch boxes?
  • Sock refusal and other irritating child behaviours

Listen to Holly Wainwright and Simon Kennedy on The Parent Panel:

Is nine too young to be a tattooist? 

A nine-year-old girl in Germany could be one of the youngest tattoo artists in the world. Her father, Lily Lu says she started tattooing at two years of age, with assistance, but is now able to do her work on her own.

It reminds me of some parents who have gotten a tattoo of their kid’s drawings 

What do you think of a nine-year-old tattoo artist? Would you tattoo one of your kid’s drawings on your skin?

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New tat #photography

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Is a new social media movement setting feminism back decades?

Social media has always been a place where you can find “your people”. Sometimes “your people” might even kick off a movement, which is what writer Felicity Harley is worried about with a new hashtag “tradwives”.

This is essentially a group of women who adhere to a “traditional” view of women – as homemakers. They post about their domestic achievements with pride and talk about it being their most important work. Felicity argues that this is a dangerous step backward for equality. 

Is #tradwives dismantling many of the victories of feminism, or is it a feminist victory in itself that women can choose a domestic life? 

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As a mom and wife, I try to keep my home and manage it with old fashioned values. Inspired by vintage days gone by. I learned many of these things from my grandma and mother who both were homemakers in the early and mid century 1900’s. ✨ ~ I am a traditional wife and mom. I take my responsibility to care for my family as a blessing. I truly love to serve them and help inspire you how to do the same with your family. ✨ ~ As a vintage homemaker, I hold onto and live out the ideas of yesteryear in my own home. Whether it’s meal planning, ironing, cleaning, cooking or grocery shopping, I want to see it as a joy. I hope to be a good steward with this job called “housewife” and “mother” which God has entrusted me to have. Maybe all those years watching my grandma and mama did rub off a little. I hope . . . in a big way.✨ ~ Her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband praises her as well. Proverbs 31:28 ❤️ What are your thoughts about vintage homemaking? Are you also a traditional wife and mom? ❤️ 🌸 P.S. Be sure to visit my blog for more resources and see my new updated look. www.littlepinkcasa.com ~ #littlepinkcasa #vintagestyle #homemaking #vintagehome #oldfashioned #vintagehousewife #vintagemom #housewife #1950svintage #eleganthomemaking #retrostyle #feminine #vintagelady #midcentury #vintageapron #vintagelifestyle #homelife #momlife #tradwife

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We need to talk about lunch boxes

Writer Darren Levin says we need to talk about lunch boxes. A mum posted the contents of her son’s lunch box on the Aldi Mums Facebook page. Apparently it included: Half a punnet of cherry tomatoes. Three apples. Two bananas. An entire cucumber. Three muesli bars. Two sandwiches. Two mini-muffins. A trio of processed cheese sticks. A pack of carrots. Two nectarines. Grapes and a small box of nuts. Meanwhile on another page- the Mums Who Budget and Save Facebook page another mum shared that she had prepped a whole term’s worth of food. Including ham-and-cheese pizza pinwheels.  

How do you pack lunch boxes? Do you ever bake goods? Do you know any parents who make lunches like this? 

Pet parenting peeves …

This week presenter, Shevonne Hunt had sock troubles. Which is to say that both of her children had consistent issues with their socks. This is despite the fact that the socks they were having issues with were fine before the school holidays. And were also fine during the holidays. And that she had spent a fortune finding socks they would like. There were tantrums, recriminations, and threats of going to school sock-less. 

Rant time: What is your pet parenting irritation? 

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Who's with me?

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