Danielle Colley and Sean Szeps: Social media faux pas, domestic bliss and more

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Danielle Colley (Your Good Life ) is a Life Coach with a touch of salty pirate, Sean Szeps (co-host of The Baby Bubble and founder of Bringing Up Gaybies ) is a dad of twins whose spirit animal is Lady Diana. Together they join host Shevonne Hunt for an enlightening and hilarious episode of The Parent Panel.

On this show they discuss:

  • Appropriate royal names for Baby Sussex 
  • The invisible rules of posting children on social media
  • The benefits of town vs country for family life
  • When domestic duties cause tension at home

Listen to Danielle Colley and Sean Szeps on The Parent Panel:

What would you name the royal baby?

With the excitement growing over the imminent arrival of Baby Sussex, it’s time to talk names. There’s nothing that gets people as excited as guessing (or criticising) a baby’s name. Apparently, the royal family has a tradition of using multiple names for each child

Should Meghan and Harry need some help naming their new baby, what would you suggest?

Is trolling of children inevitable on social media?

Recently singer Pink posted a photo of her family on holidays. A pelican had wandered into their room and the kids were enjoying their unusual visitor. In the image, Pink’s two-year-old son Jameson was pantless, which led to a barrage of trolling about his circumcision.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres, Pink said that she was proud of her family, but she would stop sharing images of her kids after the incident. 

Has Pink got a right to be angry, or was it inevitable that something like this would happen? Do you post images of your kids online? Do you have rules on what you will (or won’t) post?

Would you make a tree change for your family?

Talk to anyone who grew up in the country, and they’ll wax lyrical about the freedom such a lifestyle brings. Kids can run about and play in nature. They can feed animals and grow vegetables.

One Melbourne family moved to a farm just near the famous Hanging Rock in Victoria to have a different kind of family life. 

Would you make the tree-change for your family? Or do you believe life in the city/suburbs has all you need? 

Do you and your partner align in the domestic sphere?

It’s pretty extraordinary how much mess small children can make. Living in a home strewn with toys, half eaten apples and dirty clothes can drive a person insane.

Or not.

Not everyone has the same definition of what ‘clean and tidy’ looks like. Not everyone has a problem with mess.

This can, of course, lead to tension in the domestic realm. This week psychotherapist Ginny Lindsay spoke to Shevonne on Feed Play Love about how you can ease the tension. 

Do you and your partner align when it comes to the state of your home? What is the one thing that drives you most insane? 


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