Danielle Colley and Sean Szeps: Adulting, baby names and superior humans

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Writer and life coach Danielle Colley and broadcasting blogger Sean Szeps join host Shevonne Hunt to pick apart some of the topics that are challenging parents today.

These topics include:

  • What it takes to be an adult in 2019
  • Old fashioned names that are destined for a comeback
  • How to be a superior man
  • What kiddie things would you still do, even if you didn’t have children

Listen to Danielle Colley and Sean Szeps on The Parent Panel:

When did you know you were an adult? 

This week writer Thomas Mitchell bemoaned the competition amongst his friends to claim ‘adulthood’.

Some say it comes from owning a dog, another said it was owning coordinated furniture that didn’t all come from IKEA. 

When did you realise you were an adult? If you still don’t think you’re an adult, what would it take to make you one? 

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What old-fashioned names would you like to make a comeback? 

Names like Carol, Karen and Linda have been dumped by the wayside, according to an article this week (Paywall) by Frances Whiting.

Olivia, Charlotte and Milo are more popular these days.

What old-fashioned names would you like to see make a comeback? 

How to be a superior man

Writer Angela Mollard (Paywall) spied a man reading a book titled The way of the superior man – and decided to investigate.

She found that the book included ideas like not always waiting to be complete, don’t blame all your ills on your upbringing and to consider your own mortality on a daily basis. Before looking into the book she mused that for her a superior man makes a good cup of tea and can laugh at himself.  

What do you think makes a superior man? 

What kiddie thing would you still do, if you didn’t have kids? 

An article in the New York Post this week got all shouty about Millenials going to Disney Land. Apparently, the author thought they should grow up and do some serious travelling. If you don’t have kids, he opined, you really shouldn’t be there. 

What kiddie thing would you still do, if you didn’t have kids? What would you dump without a backwards glance? 


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