The Parent Panel: Gender reveal lasagnas exist so can everyone stop now please

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Beck Feiner (creator of the Aussie Legends Alphabet, Lady Legends Alphabet and mum-of-two) and Cam Knight (comedian, actor and dad-of-two) join forces to take on the gossip, serious news, and flamboyant op-eds that had parents and carers talking (or being talked about) over the week.

In this episode Beck, Cam and host Shevonne Hunt poke fun at and pull apart:

  • How to talk to kids about death and grief (What better way to start a podcast than with a light-hearted topic)
  • Women in the Australian parliament (again, another super duper chill chat, not a heavy dissection of the roles women play in modern life at all)
  • Having secret strategies for when real-life gets all too much
  • Lasagne gender reveal parties. Sure. Why not?

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Kids say the darnedest things

Kids love to ask questions about everything. Most children have no filter, so they can throw some pretty confronting questions our way. Sex, death, religion. In the Feed Play Love podcast, Kerrie Noonan from The Groundswell project explained how important it is to talk to children about death and grief.

She had some interesting tips about how to deal with confronting questions. Oh the benefit of hindsight! It’s nice to know how to handle things now, but chances are you’ve had a few confronting questions before getting advice on how to deal with them. What confronting questions have your kids thrown at you, and how did you handle it? Do you count it as a parenting win? (or stumble…)

Australian Parliament is losing more women

The irony of the Minister for Women, Jobs and Industrial Relations resigning because political life is not compatible with family life is fairly astounding. This week Kelly O Dwyer announced she was quitting politics, to spend more time with her children and to attempt having a third child. Is it important to have women, particularly mothers, in parliament? How can Australian politics be more family-friendly?

Back to reality

It’s the time of year where families everywhere are well and truly on their way back to the hum-drum or “real life” – and the sun-drenched blissful summer days are quickly blending into the madness of double-drop off and lunch box planning.

Shevonne felt so strongly about it she poured her heart out on the very topic. How are you dealing with getting back into the swing of things post-holidays? Do you have any advice or tips on how we can all cope with this transition better?

A succulent Italian meal or a ‘Gender Reveal’?

Gender reveals have been a ‘thing’ for a few years now. It started out innocently enough. A cute little bit of a yummy cake revealed to be pink or blue sponge inside. Then it started to snowball into exploding balloons, hair dyes, car burnouts, the odd fireworks-display-accidentally-triggering-a-bushfire … and now … lasagne. Why do we even do this? Is it a fun alternative to a baby shower, or just another way for parents to do stupid narcissistic things in the terrifying lead up to their lives being forever altered by a brand new tiny person?

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