“Wrestle!” – An inclusive picture book that’s not preachy

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When it comes to books about different families, many can be moralistic.

Maya Newell, director of the documentary Gayby Baby wanted to make a book for kids that was both inclusive and fun.

Together with producer Charlotte Mars and Gus Skatte Bol-James (one of the children featured in Gayby Baby) she set about creating Wrestle!.

She explains why it’s different to other books, and why it may signal an end to the journey begun with the Gayby Baby project.

Listen to Maya on Feed Play Love

For a copy of Wrestle! check out the Allen and Unwin website.

PLUS our friends over at Kinderling Kids Radio have created a very special audio recording of Wrestle! with Maya reading the book! You can hear it on the free Kinderling app or on their website.

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