The surprising thing you never knew about VBACs

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Vaginal births after caesareans (or VBACs) are not common in Australia. Most women in Australia who have had a caesarean section (emergency or planned) will elect to have another caesarean for any subsequent births. But according to research by Lecturer in Midwifery Hazel Keedle, for most women, having a VBAC can be a safe and empowering experience and can result in less complications for women and babies than having a repeat c-section.

Hazel’s recent PHD was on VBACs and she discovered some interesting facts about how women feel after having one, and why they aren’t as common (or encouraged) in Australia as other countries.

Listen to Hazel Keedle on Feed Play Love:

If you’re interested in further reading, some of Hazel’s papers are available below:

Women’s experiences of planning a vaginal birth after caesarean in different models of maternity care in Australia

A narrative analysis of women’s experiences of planning a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) in Australia using critical feminist theory

Women’s reasons for, and experiences of, choosing a homebirth following a caesarean section

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