Helpline: Transitioning to one day nap + weaning off dummies and bottles

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Trying to find out why your baby or child isn’t sleeping, eating properly or throwing multiple tantrums can be confusing when there is so much information available to parents. Helpline attempts to cut through the noise by getting experts to answer your specific questions.

This week, baby sleep expert Jo Ryan helps parents with the following scenarios:

  • A 16-month-old transitioning to one day nap
  • A six-month-old waking hourly overnight to feed
  • Whether an 11-week-old’s naps should be capped at a certain time
  • How to wean a two-year-old off milk at bedtime
  • What age a child should sleep in their own bed
  • A four-month-old who wakes every time he’s put in his cot to sleep
  • Whether parents should remove a dummy for a six-month-old

Listen to Jo Ryan on Feed Play Love:


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