Helpline: Toddlers testing boundaries, bathing routines for babies and more

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When your baby isn’t sleeping, or your toddler is throwing food and you’ve tried everything- Helpline is here to help guide you through to a solution that works. Every week an expert joins the show to answer your specific questions. This week Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue helps to find solutions for the following challenges:

  • A 3-year-old testing boundaries
  • A 2.5-year-old who is pinching, hitting and biting
  • How often to bath a 4-week-old baby
  • Keeping an 18-month-old climber safe
  • To gently stop co-sleeping with an almost 3-year-old
  • How to help a toddler get ready for a new baby
  • A 3.5-year-old who is waking through the night and struggling in lockdown
  • An almost 4-year-old who won’t wear undies to daycare 

Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love:


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