Helpline: Toddlers hitting, waking at night, dropping day naps and more

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Raising children can be challenging, particularly when you’re not sleeping. Helpline is here to guide you through the rougher parts. Today sleep consultant Jo Ryan answers your questions about settling, waking, behaviour and more.

This episode includes:

  • Two-year-old waking for three hours overnight
  • How to stop a nineteen-month-old from hitting
  • Seven-week-old only sleeping in their mother’s arms
  • When should a toddler stop their day naps (and how can you tell if they are ready?)
  • When a three-and-a-half-month-old wakes herself to suck her hands
  • Helping a four-month-old with bad eczema
  • A four-year-old having toilet training regression after a UTI
  • Getting a three-year-old co-sleeper into his own bed
  • How to teach a three-year-old to be more respectful
  • Regulating a one-year-old’s sleep between daycare and home

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Listen to Jo Ryan on Feed Play Love:

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Posted by Babyology on Sunday, September 20, 2020

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