Helpline: Toddlers attached to milk bottles, a dummy dependent twin and more

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Babies and small children are growing and developing so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Mothercraft Chris Minogue is here to help you decipher why your beloved is behaving in challenging ways.

Special note: Chris is also taking some well-earned time off, and will be away for the month of September. The next episode of Helpline will focus on relationships with Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village. If you really need Chris while she’s away you can try her book Bringing Baby Home.

In this episode of Helpline Chris tackles:

  • A two-and-a-half-year-old still needing a bottle to sleep
  • A four-week-old reflux baby who doesn’t want to sleep in the bassinet
  • How to introduce a comforter to a nine-and-a-half-month-old
  • A co-sleeping 15-month-old who likes to pull his mum’s hair for comfort
  • Sleep patterns for a 16-week-old
  • Should a six-month-old eat Tapioca?
  • When one 18-month-old twin insists upon using a dummy
  • If you’ve had one reflux baby are you likely to have another?

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It's time for our last Helpline with Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, before she goes on holiday for one month. Raising a newborn or toddler is not easy – so our baby whisperer Chris is here to provide that little bit of extra support. Whether your little one has bad reflux or you’re having trouble juggling a few babies at once, get in touch by commenting below!Babyology is sponsored by Nurofen for Children. Any Helpline or Helpline Extra content, information and opinions expressed are those of the authors.

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, 22 August 2019

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