Helpline Relationships: Sex after babies, wedding plans and bitter divorce

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Psychologist Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village joins Helpline to talk about relationships for her second-last episode before mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue returns from holidays.

This week she tackles:

  • Friends who are financially dependent on spouses
  • Not wanting sex after having a baby (but your partner does)
  • Planning a wedding but everyone keeps interfering
  • Ex-partner being difficult with children after divorce
  • Siblings who fight all the time
  • Looking after elderly parents when you have young kids (and your siblings won’t help out)
  • A mother-in-law who wants to be with your husband all the time

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It's time for Helpline Relationships with psychologist Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village, as Chris Minogue goes on holiday for two more weeks. Navigating relationships after kids is not easy – so Kirsty is here to provide that little bit of extra support. Whether your little ones are experiencing sibling rivalry, or you’re seeing a change in your relationship with your partner after having children, get in touch by commenting below!

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, September 12, 2019

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