Helpline: Overtiredness, dummy ditching, feeding routine and more

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Every week in the Feed Play Love podcast, our Helpline episode is dedicated to taking your parenting questions; smoothing out some of the bumpier parts of family life.

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is our resident Helpline expert. With over 35 years trying to help families all over Australia, she specialises in multiples and the first few weeks of bringing bub home, but also helps out with toddler tantrums, sibling rivalry, and troubleshooting routines. If it happens in your home (or in the supermarket aisles) she can probably help.

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In this episode, Chris looks into the following issues and parenting questions

    • What to do when an overtired and grumpy two-year-and-nine-month-old resists sleep and wakes overnight
    • How to help a one-year-old settle overnight when they’ll go down easily but won’t sleep longer than 40 minutes at a time
    • When is a good time to ditch the dummy? (From a mum of a 22-month-old)
    • Strategies for getting a good sleep routine for an 11.5-month-old who has barely slept through the night since birth
    • Extending wake-up time for a three-year-old who consistently wakes at 5am
    • How to get a three-year-old out of the habit of sucking on a bottle teat (as a comforter, not for feeding)
    • Planning a feeding schedule for an eight-and-a-half-month-old
    • How to drop a day-sleep for a 13-month-old during a house move


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