Helpline: Night walking four-year-olds, wakeful six-month-olds and more

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When it comes to babies, they are all individuals. Which means that even if you have two or three children, each one could present you with different challenges. Whether it’s your first baby or your third, Helpline on Feed Play Love is here to help.

On today’s episode Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue helps with the following tricky situations:

  • A four-year-old who won’t sleep in their own bed
  • One-year-old twins waking at night
  • A three-year-old who sits on the potty but doesn’t do anything
  • What age should children be out of night nappies?
  • A six-month-old baby who doesn’t self-settle
  • When to move a four-month-old baby into their two-year-old sister’s room
  • A two-month-old with a flat spot on the back of his head
  • Could a pacifier delay an 18-month-old’s speech development?
  • A six-month-old waking every two hours for reassurance
  • Whether it is time for a 16-month-old to drop a day nap
  • A six-month-old not getting enough sleep within 24 hours
  • A two-year-old resisting her sleep routine

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Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love:

Helpline will be back with Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue next week. You can contact us by doing any of the following:

Live Helpline with mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue

Sometimes, our bubs and toddlers can be very confusing little creatures! Luckily, we have mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue here to help you with all sorts of parenting queries, from baby sleep and development to toddler behaviour and beyond. Pop your question in the comments and we'll get to as many as we can!

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, November 1, 2020


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