Helpline: Night-waking toddlers, tantrums and the pros and cons of dummies

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Parents tend not to use the expression “sleep like a baby” if it’s referring to someone sleeping soundly. As one midwife put it “babies are born to feed not sleep”. Helpline is here to help you manage your baby’s sleep rhythms so that they work as well as they can. This episode we’re joined by sleep consultant Jo Ryan.

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In this episode of Helpline, Jo helps parents with the following questions:

  • A seven-month-old waking through the night
  • Should you keep using a dummy with a seven-week-old?
  • How to settle a 14-week-old baby
  • How to manage an 18-month-old’s violent tantrums
  • A 13-month-old struggling with their second nap
  • A five-year-old with separation anxiety
  • A 13-month-old who won’t settle in his cot when he wakes at night
  • A 10-month-old who has started crawling and mouthing everything

Listen to Jo Ryan on Feed Play Love:

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Helpline Live with sleep expert, Jo Ryan

No one knows better than us that parenting is full of curly questions you need the answer to STAT! How lucky then that Jo Ryan is here today to answer all your questions! From toddler tantrums to baby sleep challenges, just leave your question in the comment box below and watch for her helpful answer.

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, February 7, 2021

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