Helpline: Boys behaving badly, night terrors and more

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Parenting small children can be challenging. Whether it’s helping a small baby to sleep longer through the night, or encouraging a toddler to sit still while eating – raising children can quickly drain your emotional reserves. That’s when you want to call in an expert to help guide you through. This week on Helpline baby and toddler sleep expert Jo Ryan helps with the following challenges:

  • 5 and 6-year-old boys behaving badly
  • A 2.5-year old who is having night terrors
  • The best bedtime and awake times for a 14-month-old
  • Where to go with a 16-month-old who is resisting sleeping independently
  • A 3-month-old who only sleeps in 45 minute stretches
  • A 3.5-year-old coming into their parent’s bed every night
  • A 9-month-old waking up at night

The additional resources mentioned in this episode include: Maggie Dent, Justin Coulson, Bedtime Explorers and Headspace.

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