Helpline: Fussy eating, windy babies, toddler bedtimes and more

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Babies aren’t born with a manual, but these days there are many, many places where you can find information about everything from feeding to settling. With all this information, how do you find the answers that fit you and your family?

Helpline is designed to respond to your individual circumstance. Every week an expert will answer your questions to help you find the right advice for your child. This week baby sleep expert Jo Ryan answered the following questions:

  • How to help feed a 2-year-old fussy eater
  • What to do with an 8-week-old windy baby
  • A 2-year-old waking through the night and early in the morning
  • A newborn who will only sleep on their parents’ chests
  • Best bedtime routines for a 3-year-old who stretches out going to bed
  • How to get a 21-month-old to settle at bedtime
  • How to help a 14-month-old to sleep in his own room
  • Dealing with a 5-year-old who keeps touching himself
  • How to stop an 18-month-old who keeps biting their mum
  • How to move a baby from bath to shower
  • How to deal with a 3-year-old’s sibling jealousy

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