An expectant mum’s new best friend

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When Ruby Matley was pregnant with her first baby she had a lot of questions.  Some were awkward, others were particular to her experience. And so she decided to write a book for pregnant mums with her obstetrician Dr David Addenbrooke.

Their book is called 9 Months: The Essential Australian Guide to Pregnancy. It aims to answer everything from whether you can dye your hair when you’re pregnant, to how to tell when your waters have broken.

Listen to Ruby and David on Feed Play Love

Ruby and David join Shevonne in the Feed Play Love studio to talk through their own experiences with birth; from both the personal and professional perspectives. Plus they take on some of those lingering misconceptions about pregnancy, and the top three fears mums have about their birth.

To get a copy of  9 Months: The Essential Australian Guide to Pregnancy check out the PanMacmillan website.

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